MM11: The Meat and Potatoes

I centered this months photos more around the people than the bikes. Cause lets face it, we have some characters that attend the MM. A lot of humans showed up this month, more than I had anticipated. We indulged in some amazing pizza, then off to a 10 mile supermoto style ride led by none other than Captain Fearless, Andy Carter, the mastermind behind Pangea Speed. The temps were quite mild last night. Next month will really separate the men from the boys, I can almost guarantee there will be snow on the ground.

Fine example of fearlessness, wall to wall jump

Jeff doing his best impression of, "This is my first night riding my XS without it breaking down on me in a year" gay jump

Chris Graves demonstrating the, "You guys are missing the boat by not having a heated vest and gloves that plug into my bike and keep me warm all winter long" look. Its the truth, invest in good riding gear and it doesn't matter what temp it is outside.

The bike equipped with an auxiliary plug for said heated vest and gloves

Rookie showed up...

with knobbies on his XS

"Come hell or high water, I'll be there"

Actions speak louder than words. The Jock Twins, Nic and Brandon

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antihero1972 said...

I pass that motorcycle what must be Chris Graves bike everyday while pedaling my way home from work and everyday I am completly mezmorized by it. Its such a well crafted sickle, had to stop and take pics the 1st day i saw it. well done!!!

clive.s said...

What lens camera combo you got going on there?

Treats said...

Canon G11, Fish Eye with adapter, Canon Speedlite Flash(I believe)

Sean said...

You guys missed the after MM party. We tore it up ask Stone for the pics. Sorry about your bad luck.

Jeremy said...

I love Homie in the background of that photo of Stupid and Andy! just Ice Grilling the lens!