Prospect: Hollywood

Pullin' double duties
Me and some good friends/work partners have created a "training" facility over the past 9 years to help support our health and brains to deal with our day jobs. This place has become a place not just anyone can go. IF your invited you have to work before you can floss the products. You can also "prospect" and get patched in (also if invited to do so) and become a full SPOT local. Only one person has successfully done this to date. Well... Bolts very own Hollywood Hobbs is working towards his status. Today was his first "Field" day. I grabbed a couple pics while he built his own little jib after he cut logs, shoveled snow and tooled up brats for the crew. Good working Hollywood i hope to patch you in someday.
(i know it ain;t moto, but its still tight!)

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