Slab Wrap

Here are the photos from the rest of our journey. These are day two through yesterday in which we did a 750 mile punch so we could be the storm that rolled in today(see last photo). I would like to go ahead and leave you with a fine memory of this expedition.

On day two we rolled up to the Joshua Tree National Park and I saw the tarantula sign from below on the window of the pay station:

ME: "So whats the likely hood that we will actually see one of these babies on the road?"

Park Ranger: "I've been here three years and I have only seen one. So your chances aren't that great."

Fifteen miles later and I spot one, we turn around and Chris saves it from it's almost guaranteed demise in the middle of the road.

That Park Ranger needs to get out a little more.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

eeeeeek Tarantula! Did you see the guy at the Riot with the Scorpion in his hand? it was GIANT! I will post pics but I have to wait to do so. It was nice to see you.

B.M.G. said...

hey, thats the way we went..
i rolled through there by meself and didn't see any tarantula's either..

Stone said...

Route Beer... I get it.

bobx said...

tarantula crossing? whoa...