Last week I had to head down to Phoenix and Vegas to do some work stuff. The timing lined up perfectly for a few other events, so I was able to mix a little pleasure into the trip as well. I left Thursday afternoon and took my lady with me. The plan was to drive straight through to Phoenix, making one pit stop in Vegas for gas and Cane's. We get out of the car at Cane's, I order, then head to the bathroom. When I come out there are four dudes sitting at the table with my chick. Upon closer inspection I see that two of them are my close friends Tanner and Brendan. Once I walk up I notice the other two are my boys from North County, Jordan and Dawley. At this point I am still thinking, "What a coincidence that my friends from Arizona and California are eating at Cane's as well". Turns out Dre had put together a little surprise for my upcoming birthday. All four of them had ridden out to have a homies night in Vegas and then ride back the next day. So...we indulged in Cane's, raced go karts, drank 87-ish beers, won money playing black jack for six hours, then had an epic ride home the next day. Thanks to the above four homies for making the trek and keeping a secret, and a big thanks to my other half for pulling a fast one on me.

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