Moto Monday just turned one... that's 13 Mondays down now.
The one year anniversary had a little somethin' for everyone --- knives, cakes, dogs, beer, 'za, tuxedo shirts, motorcycles, suits, and more. I bought it a dozen balloons and a pet pony, but I was mugged by glue-huffers on the way up. Maybe next year, MM.

Thanks to the Short Fuse kids for gettin' this shit goin' and keepin' it alive, and thanks to Este for hosting us. It's rad to have an excuse to down good 'za, drink a few beers and talk some shit. If you've never made it out, get off your ass and do it.


Mac said...

for those of us "not in the know" who's the max payne looking dude in the suit?

BA said...

That's the big homie Jay. He's every bit as awesome as he looks in these photos.

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

it was indeed a great time!