The Look.....back

When January rolls around everyone starts to get all sappy about the previous years stuff and how the New Year will bring much better things.

Well after putting this little vid together it looks like 2010 is going to be a tough one to top. As Jeremy put it, "For a year that felt like we did nothing, we sure did a lot!"

That's the truth.

Thanks to everyone that made 2010 amazing, and thanks to all of you that check the site and supports us. Its the driving force behind documenting our craziness.

Peep the credits too, it took me a minute to think of everyone. If I missed you, well you should of done more shit with us.

Love and Respect. Enjoy


Battle said...

Awesome guys, Hope 2011 is just as good

BA said...

mother'fetching epic! Double shout-out to Canes! Got that sweet-tea on lock.

nick said...

as a person who checks Bolts on the daily, i gotta say its been cool checkin in & keepin up with the radness. here's to an amazing ho 11.

ps - i've asked before but haveto again, can you do a feature on the "bikes of bolts"

Jeremy said...

Nick, we will do it fosho! Give us a bit though. we gotta do it right if were gonna do it. Let me talk to the boys.
Thanks for being a loyal "blog-checker-outer"

nick said...

thanks Jeremy, not tryin to bust balls just would love to see more of the bikes. any progress on the fishmouth flyer?

Lance said...

Glad to see that people from this great state do so many rad things. You guys are unsane. Thanks.

theoldepro said...

i love all you dudes. no homo. well, maybe a little bit. or a lot. we may be further away this year, but we'll make some good times roll!

sneakykiwi said...

Amazing Photos Bolts keep up the great work !

Anonymous said...

Hey guys !

Your work is amazing. I just love the way you connect snowboarding, skateboarding, motorcycles as well as stunning pictures and videos. Since I discovered the team through the "HD Dark Custom X Steezy Riders" video, I just can't stop following your stuff and getting some inspiration !

keep rockin' !

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

happy new year and thanks for a rightous video.
we might not know each other, but sure as hell I hope we meet someday!

greets from germany,


Jeremy said...

Been on the grind for work the last couple months! Fishmouth has seen ZERO attention. She'll be done by spring end... It's a goal anyway!

CPB said...

remember that time we rode motorcycles together??? That was epic!

Thanks for letting me ride along.