Since I'm on the sentimental way-back train, here it is: The VERY first frame I ever shot with or of this crew. Standing on the roof of my truck on the side of I-15 because my bike was in pieces and the loaner I was gonna jam woke up with a flat tire.


About This said...

I love that a dude jamming a dressed out bagger is throwing horns.

Jeremy said...

If someone "throwing horns" is ridiculed for doing such while "Jamming" a bagger. You have to ask how one could "Jam" a bagger.

Maybe like this?



...Oh yeah it's dump cause they have dressed the fixers up with flames and fairings and one is even on a bagger, how dare him.

About This said...

Yea, So NO offense or ridicule was meant at all!
When I said Love- I meant LOVE...as in -that's great.
Not the sarcastic, I'm better than him cause I don't have one, I have a chop,"get a life" kind.
If I had room and money for another- I'd probably have a bag too.
And I would love to own one that could pull as hard as the one in the first link.
Doesn't matter to me man-open road, get on it. Riding is riding Period

About This said...

I came back and re-red my quote - I can see the offensiveness in it - not intended (at all.)

The mis-wording implies that guys with baggers shouldn't throw horns...save that for posturing right...not at all

It should have read "that dude" rather than "that a dude"...and "throwing horns," not "is throwing horns."

Likely-his bike runs harder than mine.

I'll be sure not to type another comment up when I'm sitting in the coffee shop with my phone in my hand on my day off - cause that means I'm not out riding - Like he is

I stand behind the reasoning: I love the fact that he is loving the ride and "Jamming" with his buddies. Good times

I'm no better than the next guy

Jeremy said...

Hahaha! Don't sweat it homie! Even if u had meant it the way I took it, I was just busting your nuts. You would be welcome ride with us anyday any time!!!!

Sean said...

Bagger dudes don't make shit for there bikes, don't fix their bikes, they bring them to me, spend a lot of money on them, and their checks clear. check out 111 S&S http://grimcyclesalvage.com/catalog/wordpress/?p=58 I love baggers :)
when i was 20 something I hated baggers. After riding 100's of them, I know know they have their place.
thanks for the excuse to plug our new web site :)

Jeremy, i'm workin on your fishmouth controls...

Tim said...

speaking of the 1-15 you guys ever head south out here to Las Vegas?

Stone said...

Baggers kick ass.
Once they're movin' they rally surprisingly well.
They have a few inherent issues that need to be handled, but it's all treatable.
I will own another one some day... I'm not too cool. I miss mine --- 750 mile days weren't shit on that thing.

Tim --- yeah, all the fuckin' time. I'm pretty sure we all share the same attitude about Vegas, though... gas, food, sleep if you have to, then get the fuck out.