Traditional, Functional, Simple

If have been in a situation where you run into the unexpected, you quickly learn to appreciate a functional garment. These guys always come through. They just opened up a store in SLC. I stopped by to checkout the scene. The buildout is pretty insane and they even have a full ladies and kids line which is pretty sweet. These pieces are usually a one time buy cause they will last a lifetime.


andy said...

when did you learn to appreciate a functional garment?

Treats said...

Was that a dig at me?

I'm gonna go ahead and quote the great Kenny Powers in this one since we both have similar tastes.

“I know one of us has had their own personal stylist and the other shoplifts their shit from fashion bug, thats what I know.”

I will say that there were two instances in particular that I learned to appreciate functional garmets:

- When the four of us got caught, and rode through a snowstorm on the way back from Setheez Mob

- Riding turlough 800 miles on rain on life or Meth.

Sometimes I have to go against my mantra and run Function over Fashion.

andy said...

haha i just like giving you hell!!!!!!! i think i might just keep shop lifting dickies and hardcore shirts from fashion bug though, sounds way less gay than a personal stylist hahaha!

p.s. kenny powers is amazing!

theoldepro said...

its a shame they got rid of their made in USA garments....maybe they still have a few pieces, but I don't think so.

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Were a piece every day during winter!