Grim Salvage

Sean form Grim has his new site up and running full force. Grim has way, way, way tons of parts for your whimpy girl sport, you're chopped or unchopped jap bike and even you're to cool FXR. Whatever else you need if he don't got it he'll get it for a good deal for ya. Do some shopping and don't wait for spring cause then the times gone and everybody is already on bike mob.


Sean said...

Hey Jer,
Thanks for the post. Also in Honor of all the Bolts followers I have a special code. Use bolts138 when you check out and get 20% off for the next 30 days.
Keep checking back we have 2,000 + items on and 40,000 more to add.
E-mail or call us if you don't see what you need.

Treats said...

Read the above ladies and gents. Sean@Grim has got your best interest in mind and wants to ease up on your wallet. Support the cause, this mother effer is the real deal.

Thanks Sean for giving people just another reason to check BOLTS and support the independent.