We just received our very limited run of BOLTS bottles from our good friends over at Mizu. They are available right here in the store and were produced in a pretty limited quantity. Here are a few ways to use this bad boy:

- Extra fuel on your bike. (It usually gets me 5ish miles when I have run out of gas on the highway).
- Water. This is what the bottle was originally intended for.
- Buy it for your lady, we know she drinks water.
- Object to ollie
- Aesthetically pleasing paper weight
- Dog Toy
- Flask for your unmentionables
- Buy 10 and use them for indoor bowling

Think about this: Before we met the Mizu boys, my lady and I were drinking bottled water because our tap water looked like milk. I was very opposed to using a SS bottle because I loved my bottled water so much (and because im stubborn). Jussi got me to make the switch, we got a filtered pitcher, and started using the bottles. Just between my better half and I, we were using 150 plastic bottles a month. When you think about it that way, you really are making a difference.


antihero1972 said...

Jake, once again i have to thank you for picking up my bike for me. You rule. I am working on a thank you care package for you so keep an eye out for that. I cant thank you enough, I think i fell asleep last night in the garage envisioning the plan to make it my own. Your friend olde pro has lots of ideas I am going to use.

michael said...

i just got mine in for my lady friend and i. so stoked on it.

xbrooklynx said...

can i order one? but with out the internet and shipping hassle? i mean you can check my ebay stats ive only got like 5 negative feedback.