No Moto

Ya know, I hate snowmobiles I truly do, just missing a passionate hatred by a couple clicks. I do however see why fools enjoy them, if that makes any sense at all. I use these piles of crap for my job (and I'm grateful for them for this). I will only do a Sled post 1 time, 1 time ever. Its not even cool, its just that I was eating my lunch and I thought of BoltsAction out there in the backcountry, so I had to bust a little tribute roop for ya'll.

(turn the sound down, cause sleds sound stupid, but they do smell good)


its all gonna burn said...

true, they sound stupid, like a jet ski out of water...however, that looks FUN!!!

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

I don't pity you in any way.
We have snow, our city fails to clear the road and 2 days into it it's like your driving down deep frozen safari tracks.
No fun at all.

Dusty said...

Viva La ROOP!