Sunday In Utah.

***DISCLAIMER: I was being a pussy and didn't wanna risk any "real" cameras, so this is what I was able to capture with my iPhone... sorry for the shit resolution***

Burn The Witch.

My little sis. She is not available. At least not for any of you scumbags.

This weekend was the Holi Festival at the Krishna Temple in Utah County.

According to rumors I can't verify, Utah's Krishna temple is the only Krishna temple in the United States to throw a Holi Festival like this...? Open to the public, with thousands of people caking each other in colored powders... the Krishna's throw a hell of a party.

I ran into Chopper Jay and Lizard there, so I'm justifying it as relevant for BOLTS.

Next year we all need to ride to this jam and leave dust-trails of color the whole way home.


Todd said...

Festival of colors definately does not look as good as these pictures did. These pictures are dope. The first couple stills made me think I was looking at a movie trailer for some weird burn the witch film, but then I saw the color shots and realized what I was lookin at. Great photography steve, you have some good talent.
p.s. Mikal Moore says he has a beard now.

Sean said...

she was available for me last night :)

morra said...

First ones look like a colored zombie mob too ! Well, maybe not for those who are holding cams :D

Great pics indeed !

andy said...

looks like hippy fest 2011 to me. lets mow down people on our bikes next year.... machetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

motoguru. said...

looks like fun!