"BA's WestSide Campus Jam"

"50's style, Chinese sort of American Diner" was the way it was put as we were walk'n in.
Hollywood's eye is a beast right now!
Short Fuse.

Our own little Mexico
Randal was hittin' this little roller. I laid down so he would juice it and catch a little more air, I figured he would for sure not wanna land on his homie, (insert sound of 2 tires over a human speed bump here).


Ryan said...

Looks like a nice Sunday jam... Congrats to Short Fuse on the new joint!

BA said...

Thanks Ryan, and hell yes, Jer! Rad flicks and rad vid, glad urr'one was into it.

antihero1972 said...

I dont know if you guys will see this now that this thread is down a few posts, but do you have pics of BA's bike? It looks sick, I want to see more please.