Fuckin' Hipster Shit.

I just found a dump-ass grocery store down the street that'll run my last decade's worth of forgotten 35mm rolls for $4 a pop. I've got hundreds of abandoned rolls, so it's still gonna be a significant bill when all is said and done, but here's some long-since forgotten randos. More to come. I generally only shoot point and shoot film when I'm too drunk to handle real cameras... it should be good.


Jeremy said...

I haven't gave the camera the bird for years. But on this occasion I was absolutely certain the photo would never see more than the inside of its shell.

Live and learn!

Stone said...

Haha... as I was posting it, Heidi asked "Will Jer be pissed that you're putting up a bird shot?"
I answered "Jer's a responsible adult, he's been doing this shit long enough to know he shouldn't do anything in front of a camera that he's not okay with people seeing. He knows what he's doing. And yeah... he probably won't like it".