The Woods

Met up with Rouser and K Mack last week for 36 "Power" hours in the woods of Vail Colorado. I had the time of my life and pushed myself to the absolute limit a few times. You can catch Rousers version here on the Biltwell site. Below are my cliff notes.

- The Ol' Endurance computer logged us at 113 miles ridden in those 36 hours. Thats right, check the little "1" on to right of the 13. Probably 60 of that was straight up single track
- Rob can cook a mean breakfast
- He can also take a mean "Myspace Style" photo
- I know what it feels like for my front wheel to be so deep in a rut that its up to the fender
- Kevin now knows how to take apart his carb, adjust the needle, and change jets in about 15 minutes while on the bike. He only did it about five times on day one
- Views from 12,000 feet are life changing when you get there from 8,000
- Trash Man Galan was on full duty in the woods. While in CO he probably picked up 300lbs of waste left by others and properly disposed of it. This is just an example of what he will pick up while on a break. In his words, "I truly believe that one person can make a difference". Touch'e
- XR400 ran like an effing top!

Only 10 more months till we do it again. Thanks for a great time!

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absolutely incredible.