Tour of the Beast. Leg 1

The best part about parking my bike at the airport is knowing that I don't have a stupid boardbag to deal with. All I have is a skate and maybe a backpack with a change of clothes, and since the instagram bomb hit, my computer can stay home too!

Tour of the Beast.. First stop SD to meet up with Jp and the Frog, do the rounds and then end up at Bear Mtn for Hot Dawgs and handrails. After that a 6am flight back to SLC to hop on my bike and rip solo straight to Lake Powell for some family fun. I'll try to keep the updates Rollin.


nick said...

seth, is your bikes of bolts next? i'm sweatin to see a vid of your nightster, street bob and hard tail sporty. either one is rad! hah

michael said...

Solid! I hate boo coo bags. screw baggage fees and waiting for your bags at the carousel.