Hot Hot New New Hot Hot Shit!!!

That's right, we've finally gotten our act together and printed up some new items to keep your torso covered. There are two new screens and two reprints that you have been wanting us to bring back. Click on the photos to take you right to the BUY NOW button. We will be shipping twice a week. Thanks for the support!

The Art Class Tee: Drawn by Senor Steven Stone himself

Mess Tee in Coffee: No more coffee stains!

Mess Tee Black Heather: It was cold when the photo was taken

Est. Hoodie: Look how dope that thing looks!

Pistol Tee: Our best seller is back in action!


Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Bring me a Hoodie at the dice party and ill swoop one up! Im getting Shirts and Hoodies printed this week also! So you should support And buy one from us too! We will have some at the party Saturday!

Zak said...

Bought that top design, now I should get the pistol tee... Milwaukee WI representin WORD, yer bikes rock

Treats said...

Zak in response in your question, I would reply: "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Of course you should buy it!

Zak said...

Grizzly Adams did have a beard...I WILL buy one for sure...thanks man

andy said...

hey everyone the model is "treats"aka jacob q hobbs just so you know.