We have an amazing, talented, handsome, and witty member of BOLTS that goes by Steven Stone. Sometimes he answers to; Stone, Jagger, Dickface, Lazy, Lover, Pumpkin.....I could go on. Well this fine individual takes some pretty amazing photos. However he has a little issue getting them out from his hard drive and into the open. Luckily for you I was able to finagle tons of long lost images destined to never see the light of day. So with that said I am starting a new column called "Treats of the Week". Each week I will hand select images from the bunch to post up. Sometimes it might be once a week, others...maybe more. Sometimes one image, sometimes more. Possibly a story, or maybe I'll let them speak for themselves. Regardless, I would like to thank Stone for giving me access to this gold and I hope you all enjoy them as well. With what I have this column can last for a few years, so sit back and enjoy.

Who. Tonino "The Chilean" Copene
What. The S&S and a Mexi Flea Market
Where. San Felipe Mexico
When. EDR '11
Why. This ended up being one of the funnest trips we took all last year. I had to drag Tonino literally out of his driveway to come on this trip with me. Once we left SLC we never looked back. Plagued with little issues on the S&S's shakedown trip he still managed to have a kick ass time, always smiles, and mostly with a beer in his hand. Thanks Tone for coming along and thank you Stone for capturing.

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