I know, I know. This shit happened just over a week ago. Which, basically, makes it vintage by internet/blog standards... fuck it.
I happened to find myself in Los Angeles last Saturday night, with a few hours to myself between jobs. So I swooped up a couple local homies in the rented Chevy Cruze (yeah, I'd never heard of it, either) and headed to the DiCE Mag issue 43 release party at Evil Spirit Engineering. Sadly, I showed up just as the live music was ending, so I can't tell you shit about how much it ruled/sucked. But, gauging by the wind-down feedback as I walked in, I'm guessing it was a bit of a sludge-fest that I probably would've been into. We'll never know.
I wasn't planning on shooting photos --- this was supposed to be a night off. BUT, not knowing anyone and feeling very much the outsider (L.A. ain't my fuckin' town), I resorted to hangin' with my old friend, The Canon, between free bevvy's from the beer tent.
For the most part, what I can report on for y'all, gentle readers, consisted of bro's doin' bro things, swag gettin' raffled, beer being consumed, and a handful of solid babes --- the things that make any biker get-together worth it's weight.
If you missed the party, and you're curious about the overall vibe... remember the movie Fright Night? I sure do... that movie fuckin' ruled. Remember the scene where the suave, dangerous neighborhood vampire seduces the dikey neighbor from Married With Children in the awesome 80's punk/new wave club? Imagine that setting, with everyone wearing military jackets and fingerless wool gloves and beanies and leather... basically, the cool-hobo look. Now imagine all those people swilling beer and talking bikes instead of dancing to Flock Of Seagulls... got the visual? Good... that's a starting point. I ain't makin' fun... just makin' an observation.
All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday night between gigs. I just wish I would've won one of the Michael Schmidt prints instead of the big ol' pocketful of nothin' that I walked with. Next time... next time.

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GSB said...

Dude, what lens were you using for those shots? (I'm learning!) Great stuff!