So.  You know those really irritating internet contests that beg people to vote for shit?
Yeah... I hate 'em, too.
But our boy Sean at Grim Cycle Salvage went ahead and entered one, anyway.
This one has a couple different areas... one with a crowd vote, one with a "business pro" judges vote.  Both areas have some decent money on the line.
So, we're asking you to go vote.
If you know Sean, you know why you should do it.
If you don't know Sean, then lemme tell ya'... this cat has been dedicated to bikes his entire life.  He's spent 18 years keeping motos on the road for cats like you and I.
He's not some giant corporation, and he sure as hell ain't rich... Grim is just another family-owned American small-business, trying to build something from nothin'.
Sean is looking to expand his building, expand his inventory and hire some additional wrenches should he win.
That sounds like it's worth a little vote-begging.  And hopefully it's worth the 30 seconds of y'alls time that it'll take to go toss him a bone.
So get on it.  If you have Facebook, you can log in through your account.  If not, then it'll require an email address and password.  Either way, it's easy as fuck.
Follow the link below, hit the "GROWTH" category, and toss your ballot for Grim Cycle Salvage.
Oh, and you can VOTE ONCE A DAY.
Do it.
Because when you're broken down, there isn't a better dude to call on than Sean.



BoltsAction said...

VOTE and SUPPORT. Sean is a REAL homie!

Sean said...

Thank for the support guys!

Sean said...

Thank for the support!!