Totally Shameless Plug.

I've been shooting ZURIICK's campaigns for the past year.  They've given me a lot of freedom to shoot their campaigns the way I want to, and we've done some cool stuff together (scope some here, if you like)... definitely one of my favorite clients.

So, fuck it.  I'm hyping 'em.

Today they released their new line of AMERICAN MADE boots... 2 styles are available now, 1 more is on the way.

2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to walk out of their office with the first pair off the line.  I've given 'em daily wear for 14 days now and I will personally guarantee, these boots are fucking burly.  If you're in the market for some solid, rebuildable, lifetime boots that are made by your neighbors, then check these bitches out.

Each pair in this collection is hand-built in the American Northwest, by an American, using leather sourced from Montana.  And Montana is in America, for those who don't know.

If you're an American, this should mean something to you.

Support U.S. manufacturing.

Check 'em out HERE:  ZURIICK.COM


xbrooklynx said...

Correct me if im wrong but arent all their other shoes made in china? Seems odd they would only make their boots in the US.

andy said...

thank god they got rid of the purple soles and mylar linings. they look pretty cool at least.

Stone said...

Brook... yup, you're right. They're a very young and very small company who had to produce a product at a price that left room for profit. So, yeah... they did what every other motherfucker does and made shit in China. Just like Red Wings (there's only 6 or 7 boots in the whole Red Wings lineup that are made in America... but I'm sure you know that). These guys are no different. BUT. They're trying. And for a company this young to be taking steps in the right direction is pretty cool by me. I know what their cost is on these, and I promise you, if you buy a pair, they're pretty much making pennies. Which, as far as I see it, represents a huge sacrifice, from a sensible business standpoint, from the bottom-line in favor of ethics.

Each pair has something ridiculous, like 30 hours into 'em. Look at it like this... would you wake up and craft your own boots for $13 an hour? Probably not. And $13 an hour would represent full retail breakdown... you're a business man --- do the fuckin' math. These aren't moneymakers for Zuriick --- they're just an effort to start moving shit in the right direction. And if people support, they'll continue. If not, they'll go the same direction as Nike. And every other motherfucking business in this country. We're all just trying to get by, hombre. And you don't have to buy 'em... nobody's gonna talk shit if you don't. But I'm just hyped that somebody's taking a step, nawmean?
Honestly, I could go off on this shit for hours. I've got another homie trying to do a 100% Made In USA line, from the fabric and thread up. Did you know there isn't even a textile manufacturer in the US that makes flannel anymore? Yeah, your flannel may have been sewn in the US, and it might have even used US cotton... but, odds are, it was cotton grown here, shipped to China, processed at a textile mill, shipped back, then cut and sewn here...
Shit's rough, kid. US made is waaaaaay harder to do these days. So, yeah. I'm drunk. Point? These cats wanted to start a shoe company. And they did it. And then they questioned ethics. And this is their attempt to bring shit 'round... talk all the shit you want, we all gotta pay rent. These boots represent a serious effort to do shit the un-common way, profit be damned. And I'll back the fuckin' fuck outta that.

BoltsAction said...

look really cool and way hip

motoguru. said...

Truck yeah! It costs $7 to make a pair of shoe/boots/whatever in fuckin' China. I'd much rather pay $400 to some American company for American made product that cost $350 to make than shell out $250 for a pair of Red Wings that cost the $7 to make.