No Matter How Much I Simplify...

...there's just too much shit required to do my job.  At least when I think I might want to do it right.  Looks like The Babysitter may be my destiny... this is the mini-kit.
Retarded.  Hood-ward, ho.
(Sorry for the recycled bloggerism... I don't care)


Treats said...

I hope you packed all that white trash death metal as well. And please dont forget to remind Jer to Re-Up on his Offspring and Tool for his iPod.

Stone said...

I just dropped my iTunes dollars for the month on a shit-ton of shit-metal that will make sensitively ToneDef ears like yours bleed. Go buy the God's Revolver album, now. They are my friends. They will be your friends. They will make you awesome, and they will teach you the fury that Provo can carry. Do it. Now. It's on iTunes... you'd be cooler if you did.