SFK 992 'spot check'

SFK 992- Hhmm... How should I introduce these cats? One of the best things about SLC and the moto scene is that it is small, this is also on of the the worst things, no swap meets, only 1 or 2 legit shops, not many KIDS into it really. These dudes are firin' though, its fresh to see young kids, broke as broke gets and all they wanna do is chop some Jap bike they picked up for 5o bucks on the curb. They have created a choppin' sanctuary in there rental pads back yard, turned the shed into an expandable paint booth, inlisted welding techniques and skills from the neighbor (and welders) and take crap from their landlord for not having the skills he has with their concrete work, while pouring mini QP's to skate between bike rotations through the shop.

Keep it clean and keep it tight... At least the tools anyway!

Shop dog/Guard dog and all round Homie for the fools!

Lets not forget a couple of the chops they got kickin' it around there!

Thanks for letting me hang and pop some clips guys, keep choppin' and keep rippin' well be seeing ya shredding turns in the canyons and through the streets of sugarhouse. SFK 992 keeping it Bolts!!

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Alex Andrews said...

Well said Jer! SFK is the jam.