Shameless Homie Plug

Bolts Family friend, and fellow street shredder, Andy Carter is the founder of a sweet little parts company called Pangea Speed. He has just released a few new products on his site and I highly suggest you check em out and scoop some up. His precision welds and materials are second to none and it shows in the finished product. The most appealing product to us broke ass garage builders are his license plate brackets. He brought one of these things to my office to show me and I was astounded, the thing is so effing light it would be useless as a paperweight, but yet its stronger than Arnold in the 80's. Hit him up here to get some of his handmade parts. Don't forget to let him know if his shits as rad as I think it is. Tell him the Bolts Boys sent you and he might throw in some sweet stickers for all the shit we find to sticker up!

Dirt Bike Style Chain Tensioners

LP Bracket Sans light mount

w/light mount option. Buy both if you can't decide.

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