Alright, y'all.
Insurance just paid up. I've got cash in hand, I need an FXR.
93/94 is preferred, but anything 87 or newer with the forward shock mounts will make it into the running. I prefer it as close to stock as possible... nothin' fucked up. I wanna do that myself. I don't need a project... I already have several of those. I need a runner. Dual discs with mags are preferred, but again, I'm flexible if the price is right.
If you know of something, LET ME KNOW. I'm lookin' to move on this as soon as possible...
If it's within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, that'd be rad. But, I don't mind runnin' out to Northern Cal, Phoenix, Denver, Vegas, Reno... whatever. And if I have to ship, I will.
But I need a SOLID FXR. If you know of somethin', hit me up. stone at blacklistvisual dot com.
Thanks, monsters.

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