Sorry Stone

Didn't mean to bust into your Ill seat job, but You saw these and the smiles that this kid is throwin' down deserved some Blog Love. Rookie was out with Stone for the past 6 weeks due to a collar bone break. This was his day back bringing his bike back home and straight into the shop for some more chopping.

Stone quote of Above photos, was-

"Oh, come on, Rookie...
I thought we could maybe start some sort of "Non-Bike-Havin'-Bike-Guy" club.
Now you've gone and blown your chances at membership... looks like this awesome club of awesome awesomeness is exclusive to me."

Steven Stone


Alex said...

I can't stop riding the damn thing! stone next spring I want to see that sporty! thanks for the post TRJJ

Stone said...

Hahaha... insurance check showed today. Looks like I'll be bailing my own club pretty quick!

Alex said...

thats what i'm talking about! get that money!