My little bro sent this over. If you have ever had any thing jacked from you this might give you a laugh.


motoguru. said...

that's the best.

TRJJ said...

I want my bike to get stolen just so I can do a flyer like that. SO GOOD!!

Stone said...

When I was 19 I sold my 89 Honda Accord (pimp in those days... flip-up headlights and everything). I took the proceeds directly to the HD dealership and made a down payment on my very first brand new Sportster. I rode a bicycle to work for the next 2 months while I waited for my bike to come in.
Anyway, long story long, 8 months later I parked it outside my apartment at about 3am. I woke up around 8, went onto the porch for my AM cigarette, and my stocky little Sporty that I loved oh-so much was nowhere to be seen.
I felt exactly the same way.