Help a Brotha Out

Some of you may have heard that Bolts Extended Family member Dave Doman has come upon some tough times. Dave is a talented designer that works with Celtek, he also just finished this sweet Sporty a few weeks ago. Although I don't know him directly he is in the "Circle" and he is an SLC Loc Dog.

This could of happened to anyone of us. There is never a good time for shit like this to happen and its obviously caught everyone off guard. In situations like this every little bit counts. The Leines Family, founders of Celtek Gloves, have set up a great way to donate some funds to help Doman out, and you even get sweet shit in return! So do yourself a favor, click here, or the button I have setup on the right to "Help a Brotha Out". I know as soon as he recoups from this he will throw a big party and invite all of you over for tall boy PBR's.


Stone said...

Sick T's and posters, for hella cheap! Go buy 'em! If you've ever been out, you know medical shit ain't cheap!

SFK 992 said...

Fuck yeah....thanks so much for posting this link. You guys are killing it