My "American Idols"

The other day I was randomly thinking about all of the stuff I used to obsess over as a kid. Yeah a kid, it was that time in your life when you had no worries except for what you were going to get in your sack lunch that day. My two main priorities everyday that I woke up were BMX and Motocross. I loved both and I could last a full 30 days on an issue of "BMX Plus" or "Dirt Rider" reading both cover to cover like 25 times. As any kid in their fragile state of influence, I had certain dudes that I idolized. As cliche as it sounds, I really thought I would be able to grow up and race professional BMX or Motocross. Luckily for me, the lack of funds and skills kept me from pursuing either dream. In hindsight though, I am glad that dream never came to fruition. Luckily it paved the way for my love of motorcycles. I guess thats why the aesthetics of my bike resemble something that you could throw around like a 20" or an 80.

"Hi Flyers" I can remember when this set came out, I tried to collect all of the cards. Jeff Emig and Damon Bradshaw were my top two for sure. Emig had the smoothest style and shot the raddest photos. Bradshaw straight up didn't give a fuck and ran it like he stole it.

The best thing about BMX is that everyone, I mean everyone, got a nickname. Weather you were an AM or a PRO you had to have a nickname. This is Gary "The Lumberjack" Ellis. Guy ruled the sport for like 10 years. Running game when he definitely should of been retired.

Once the lumberjack started to fade away some young guns came in and started mixing things up a bit. Here we have Danny Nelson, the Damon Bradshaw of BMX. Not afraid to throw an elbow in a berm if he had to.

Of course there are many more that I cant think of right now but these were the most prevalent. Hopefully reading this has made you take a trip down "Memory Lane" as well.


andy said...

haha rad post! dude emig was the jamm! still is probably #1 on my list. i love the nick names "tim fuzzy hall" my brother got me a copy of rad on dvd last year for my birthday i love that movie.

TRJJ said...

Original copy of RAD VHS with the plastic on it still. My only real prized material item.