Sometimes I wish you could smell blogs

My garage smelled extra crispy today when I got home from snowboarding with Jeremy. The MotoMonday rip last night left the best scent of bike that greeted me with a smile as I walked in to dump my gear. The right amount of gas, a little oil, exhaust, tires.... Anyhow, total impulse post, guess I thought I would just share a little stoke.


nick said...

mr huot, i freakin love this build. you guys should do a feature on it - if not, can i ask a question or two as i am doing one myself
which weld on kit did you use? led sled?
what did you use on the tins? gun blue? either way, the color is sick as well as the tank
finally, do you have the forward controls that came with the bike? if so,would you be interested in selling them?

thanks. again, awesome build

..sh said...

Thanks for the props! Stoked! I bought a Kraft Tech frame with 0 stretch and 30 degree rake (stock). It's a really great frame, tons of clearance and beefy tubing. I Powder Coated the tins in my garage with a ghetto home kit that works pretty well, I used the Tight Silver Vein color from Rosey's Powder Coating online store. The original bike came with the mid controls but had Highway pegs that i sold awhile back. I'm sure if you check back someone on the blog has some forward controls they might want to unload though.

XjaykX said...

I have some forwards I am looking to sell. Hit me up off here and I will send you a pic. my email is xjkeelex@gmail.com

nick said...

Thanks for getting back to me about the bike, I appreciate it. I'm backin kraft tech frames, super quality stuff. I'm going the hardtail route, simply so I can insure the bike with no issues, but would love to do a completely new frame build like yours, so rad. Again, the color is killer, as is the overall stance + that peanut tank is boss. I'm gonna try not to bite your bike's style, but I can't promise anything, hah!

On a separate note, your section in cheers is gonzo. That switch back rodeo into the super deep pow landing is my pick for best shot of the year