The Reservists.

If The Unit is the Marine Corps while on their grizzly, I like to think of us as being the National Guard, keepin' shit on lock on the homefront... one weekend a month, two weeks a year (that's way too true).
The good news, though, is we don't have to keep our shit down low --- you get yesterday's hits, today.

Brock, method on the Hollywood Hip.

Sarah and Brock. Ms. Wong can throw a mean distractive block --- thanks.


Hobbs scope/drop on a no-speed pillow-to-pillow.

Brockers. I wanted to make up some sort of Brockake-comment about Brock and bukake... but that shit just ain't my bag.



Mr. Harris brings his own cheerleaders to Hollywood Hip.

The Prospect, prospecting.

Hollywood on Hollywood.

My little shred, Purple Beast's big tires.

Murder the fuck out.

Greatest City on Earth?

Mr. Wright, I'd have sent this your way... but I had no rattlecans or stickers in my truck. It just isn't the same without it.

Brock hooked up some new stompers. They feel like pudding on my feet. Thanks, compadre. Mucho appreciado.


TheSethSpot said...

Marine corps? More like the navy seals or special forces!
Haha! Good to see you guys out there grinding!

Treats said...

I love this post for multiple reasons. Here are a few:

-Stone's turnaround time is on the up and up. I mean this shit went down less than 24 hours ago people

-Brock is the most agile person I know, he was having an "Off Day" and was still crushing it.

-All of these were shot on a G11

-Even though Stone smokes more than one pack a day he can still kill the mountain.

-I was informed by Stever that he has gone through two pounds of coffee on his own in the past week.

-An epic posse can make so so conditions amazing.

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