A Show of Love

I was in Phoenix for work last weekend which made it super convenient to attend Jeremiah's 2 year anniversary celebration. The weather was perfect and Tanner let me take his sporty. I met up with Andy and Brook and then we took Matt and Dean for dinner at one of my favorite Phoenix spots, Delux. Stoked I got to go again this year. Sorry, I only took a few snaps.

KC Badger of Daggerzone fame, at an arm wrestle Battle Royale

Funny side note: As you can see from the above picture that Andy snapped of me, I was on Tanners bike. As Jeremiah was giving away the awards for best this....and best that....I wasn't even paying attention. I did notice that Andy won a much deserved "Best Sportster" award. In all of the chaos that was going on the next thing I can recall is silence and I hear Jeremiah yell, "Again....who owns the all black sportster by the Dice Van?.......Anyone...(long silence)....anyone?" It was at this point that I felt like the biggest dumb ass. I rode a friends bike to a show and it wins a fucking award. Puts me in a pretty uncomfortable spot because the last thing I want to do is be that guy. But I had a few friends call me out and I end up claiming said award. Tanner couldn't of been happier.

Said Award for 1st place EVO.

See you next year


RYAN said...

damn. wish I knew you dudes were out there. we took home the best arm wrestling trophy award. You can see it at our clubhouse anytime you'd like...or challege us for it. we're down!
Ryan/Los Santos

Stone said...

You probably should've kept the trophy... you earned that shit.

xbrooklynx said...

Sorry for calling you out... I just thought we deserved to take home two trophies that night... And with the SLC kids being you andy and myself i didnt see us winning any arm wrestling trophies.

kc said...

i tried to get you a trophy.. apparently all these years on the bmx bike/ taking number 3's didnt translate to arm wrestling strength.