The Verdict

Man, first and foremost, thanks to all of you that sent in submissions. We were extremely surprised at how many people sent us images. With that said, the response was much more overwhelming than we had anticipated so we had to alter the contest a bit.

There will still be one clear winner of this little event, but I also asked Stone, Seth, and Jeremy to pick their top three and explain how they chose. Below are the results, all in order from first to last, and if you want to see the rules of which Steven Stone plays by then read THIS first.

SETH's Top Tre

Click HERE to see why

Ryan Roundy

Thomas aka El Viajero
Vegas Crew

Alex Thomas

STONE's Hits

Click HERE for the descriptive response on why

Ryan Roundy

Koen Geukens


JEREMY'S Top Three

Click HERE for his insight on how he chose

Ryan Roundy


Koen Geukens

JAKE's Golden Children

Click HERE if you care to see why I like these

Koen Geukens

James Divin

Arlo Ringsmuth

So after looking at the above, you can see there is a clear winner......Ryan Roundy congratulations on your shot, there are some photo nerds here and everyone was hyped on your shot.

If your photo is up here but you didn't win the grand prize, you will still be getting some BOLTS merch. Thanks to everyone that entered.


OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Wow, now thatÄs what I call competition!
Very very cool pics!

Are you gonna poste more of the stuff that didn't make it?
Would be very interesting what people consider their raddest pics.

goinsideways136 said...

cool pics!! Glad to contribute!

-el viajero

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats to the winners, the pics are really awesome and special mention to Roundy's -for the extreme combination of snow & bike- and Bart's -for the epic journey- !!