Google is pretty on point

If you omit the 30 minute cop stop and take into consideration the ten gas ups I would say that I did pretty good on time. Solo jam from Government Camp to my house in one straight shot. Other than my ass cheeks feeling numb, I feel pretty damn good. I already miss THE UNIT, but I am sure they are surviving without me. Tool up a Tombstone and some BL-DUBs for me tonight. Thanks for an epic, and breakdown free, adventure.


blackmilk7 said...

nice ride! Heard you might be heading to CO around the 12th...any truth to this?

Sean said...

Small crew, tight ship = makin good time....add in a real size gas tank and your time will double. :)
Oh and if your goin to ride with Rouser let me know I would be in for a second session.

andy said...

you are nuts! thats seriously impressive!