Lands End dot Com... now with more Lands Ending!

Someone's homies up in the land of 1% have received a massive delivery of absolute essentials to make your life appear to be as awesome as theirs! Click here to see what I did last night!

Men's Regular Flannel Vest - Made from soft, warm, luxurious flannel with a touch of cashmere. You'll be comfortable all winter in this flannel vest. With four front pockets, adjustable back tab for a perfect fit and a full lining. Wear it with the matching suit pants and coat - or add an elegant note to your current wardrobe. Built specifically to convince broads to make physical contact with your wang! Pink Leather Intestines!

Long Sleeved Flannel Lined Denim Chief Petty Officer Shirt - Two comfortable layers create a CPO shirt that's more than the sum of it's parts. You'll look like a fool, but bitches will look hot wearing it while sipping coffee and wandering aimlessly around your douchey cabin the morning after! Nobody pays my rent!

Men's 100% Cotton Turtleneck - The seamless neck is the key to it's comfort! It's been knit without a neck seam, so you get a smoother, more comfortable fit. Steve Jobs would've worn it! You couldn't possible look gayer!

Regular Fitted Solid Long Sleeve Cotton Modal Turtleneck - how is this different than the one above? I don't know! But it makes a great layer! This chick is actually pretty hot, so why is she dressed like such a square? I don't know! 55% cotton / 38% rayon-modal / 6% Lycra® spandex. I don't have time to take this any further!



motoguru. said...

We have a winner!

blackmilk7 said...

stone with all the crap on the interweb it is awesome that someone can dig up something even more worthless...thank you so much...

Brandon said...