PolerStuff.com Now with more STUFF!!!

Our boys up in the NW have received a massive delivery of some sweet ass stuff to make your adventure experience that much more rad. Click here to check out the new line. If I were you, and you were me, then we would be one in the same. But also we(as in you and I) would probably buy the following:

Napsack - It really doesn't get more "best idea ever" than this. Take a sleeping bag, add a hood, pop in some zippered holes for your arms to hang out of, add some hoody style pockets, and top it off with a draw string bottom so you can do a number one...two...or three while still wearing it and you are in business!

- The backpack that stores everything. Side pockets are interchangeable to accommodate a tent and/or napsack. You can strap this one and only bag to your bike and it will contain everything you need to hit the road for a week.

The Headlamp - No brainer here, everyone needs one, your probably lost yours already anyways.

Magic Tarpit
- No, this isnt the tarpit from last action hero in a jar. Its a tarp that could be the single most functional/small item you take with you on a bike trip. Create a makeshift tent on the side of your bike or just roll up in it on the ground and stay warm as you chase the wizard. There is a limited edition camo colorway too!

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TheSethSpot said...

POLER POLER POLER... I'm over it already!.. All you need is a Tarp, some rope, a Snowboarder knife and some GD common sense. Leave the hype at home.

Treats said...

Not everyone is as mountain man as you Mr. Huot. If that was the case then everyone would build their own chopper with their bare hands. Just the facts.

TheSethSpot said...

Sorry homie, I've tried really hard to be a "Supporter" but I just can't do it. I can already get everything they offer minus the marketing. Tents- go to Rec outlet. Backpacks- Ive got 300 of them all different sizes. Tarps- Home Depot for $4.99 and the beauty of a tarp is they are disposable. Headlamps- sorry all ready been done 300 different ways. That Sleeping bag thing is a big fat joke, who wants to walk around camp in a FAT suit? seriously!

How about offering me a stainless Waterbottle with a Wax Hobo stove that screws to the bottom so I can always boil water? Or a iPhone case that is made out of fire starting material. Or a GD pocket sized field guide for using everyday products I might find on the side of the road that can be used for survival while my ass is stranded.

Offer me something I can use that will get me out of a jam for hells sake, not a bunch of ABD "Stuff" wrapped in trendy marketing. The last thing a guy needs is more "stuff".