This is what you get when you help a friend. Brown was using his total
pro "Reverse Bleeding" method on his brakes when the line blew at like
1000 PSI and fluid right into my OJO. Feels great!


I guess I'll call it a: "ThunderVanceandHuotHeader" 2 into 1.

Perma blogger TEST

Mizu fill up. Sorry for the ghetto post, this is just a test.

Front End Madness

Fellow Bolts Action Hero Tonino sent this to me today from OR.  What a rad store to cruise through, I would spend way to much doe!



Part One..

Because sometimes killing is creating..

Cali and back

A quick blast to Oceanside and back to handle a little business on the snow side of things.  A big thanks to the Mack Dawg for putting me up and sharing some great stories.  

I know now what it is like to be inside of a blow dryer....


Chris hit me with a sneak peek on his damn near completed project.  I assume he is waitin' on tins from the paint shop.... Lookin' really good holmes!

Mic check... testing, 1-2, 1-2.

I guess we're live.
Patriot Sparks

Backyard Helmet Resto 101

If you have been following the BA blog then you know that I picked up a sweet sweet helmet last week. Copped a super good deal on it. The thing was straight up beat. I had to bring it back to life before I could even think of trying to ride my bike with this thing on my cabeza. I have pretty low confidence when it comes to anything that requires some skill in the garage. Especially when it comes to paint. But Stone painted one of his brain buckets a few weeks ago and it turned out dope. So I thought, what the hell, no better time then now right. Here is a quick photo recap of how she turned out.

Here's what I was working with

If you are attempting to re-paint an old lid, and you want it to turn out legit, be prepared to spend about 60 bones in materials.

Step 1: Sand then Primer, 2 coats. In hindsight I should of gotten a "Filler" primer since there were some major dings in the fiberglass. Oh well, they add street cred.

Step 2: Base Color. I was all over the board on what color to choose. This was supposed to be the base on my 3rd round of color choices. I ended up liking it so much that I changed up my kit mid spray. I ran 6 coats of Dark Cherry.

Step 3: Painters Tape. These lines were pretty freestyle and I totally wrote off the thought of them turning out even with each other.

Step 4: Stripe Color, 4 coats.

Step 5: Clear, 6 coats. I got busy with the clear. Layin it on thick!

Step 6,7,8,9: Wet Sand, Rubbing Compound, Polishing Compound, Wax. This is where I really tested my confidence. In any past painting experiences I have failed to Wet Sand. Reason being, it scares me. After seeing how dull my glossy clear got I felt like I was reliving the past. After a few calls to homies that have paint experience they gave me the boost of confidence I needed to continue sanding until it felt like glass and looked like shit. About an hour of running the rubbing compound cycle and I was set to polish this bad boy out.

I think Stone's helmet turned out like glass. When I embarked on this project all I wanted was for mine to turn out half as sweet. I would of been satisfied with a reflection of a silhouette. I got one step better, a full on mirror finish. I am pretty pleased with how my lid turned out, especially for spray bombing it. I relined it after the final coat of wax. Tomorrow will see its maiden voyage.

Watch out DARTH


Baby steps.

Quick snap from Saturday night.  Mocked-up conduit tubing to determine broomstick bar length (and if I dig the broomstick idea).  As for what needs to be done on this particular section of the bike?  Rebuild the PM master cylinder; determine the final solution for the bars; cables; spin down the caps for the few-of-a-kind risers Sean machined for me; finish the tunnel to clear my electrics; and put in the filler neck/badass knurled and nippled cap that Sportster Choppin' Bastard DJ (from the QCB) spun out for me... so stoked on it.  Pic below.


 Good jam up the canyon this afternoon!


Matt Davis Progress report

Boltsaction family friend, and Comune rep, dove in on a super stock sporty a few weeks ago. He has since been logging some garage time and learning his way around what most would call a "Girly Bike"(Too bad all of us Boltsaction Founding Fathers ride them). Seems to be making some solid progress and he has a grand plan for his new scoot. Here are a few updated photos.

Keep the progress reports coming Matt. See you in Vegas for the Onward Westward Tour.

Gems of the day

Never met this guy, but I am going to make an assumption that he deserved this

"50K for a Shrimp that hauls ass"
Disclaimer: Just guessing on the price, might be higher.

Pre Treats Photo

You can see the look of surprise I have.  Some things are just more of  a cross your fingers type a deal.


New Lid For The Collection

One of my vices is helmets. There is one style in particular that I
have been on the hunt for: a late 70's Bell Moto 3. I picked one up
off of c-list last week and just got it yesterday. The listing didn't
have pictures of the back of the helmet. Don't know why, would of been
a major selling feature.

Not sure if this belonged to Jeremy or Cru in a past life? Mine now,
and it's in the midst of a sweet makeover.

Project "Bolts Patriot" is nearing completion

It's got two city blocks on the odometer as of today.


Onward Sethward

Seth busted a solo ride to So-Cal today, firing me pics from his phone along the way, resulting in the first action on the Boltsaction blog.  Nice Seth!!!  Hobbs and myself rode outta town with him and he was jammin' a solid 95mph.  As the pics and locations flowed in I added it up in my head and he musta made OC in 9 to 10 hours.  Dude was flying.  Hittin' Mickey D's, dealin with 101 temps in Baker and skate on the front just to make the wind whips a little more interesting.  Yeah Seth, Jam hard and safe, see ya soon!!