RIP Green Beast

*Nuts to butts was for Photographic purposes only, even though Stone heavily enjoyed it.


Can't shake his swagger even in a hospital bed!

The baby sitter is no Mo!

Gettin Burly in Burly

So... See photo below? Stone top sided outta a speed wabble today at
70 on the freeway!! With Rookie right behind him to witness it, Stone
straight scorpioned down the freeway and came out pretty clean!
Broken shoulder blade and a grip of road rash. Man!!!!!! Gnarliest
day EVER!!! Glad ur still with us homie!!

MT. HOOD: The Departure

This morning the posse left for Jeremy's Signature session up at hood and he took 75% off the BoltsAction founders with him. The other 25% is me and I decided that I was going to Lone Wolf it to Sturgis with my Pops and CPB next week. So.....I had to skip this trip. That didnt stop me from sending off the crew this morning at 5:45AM. Here is a quick little vid of the Departure. Look for road updates from the boys over the next 7 days. Travel safe!

Untitled from Bolts Action on Vimeo.


No Matter How Much I Simplify...

...there's just too much shit required to do my job.  At least when I think I might want to do it right.  Looks like The Babysitter may be my destiny... this is the mini-kit.
Retarded.  Hood-ward, ho.
(Sorry for the recycled bloggerism... I don't care)

No Mo Siss-Sissty-Three

Meet Siss-Sissty-Three

Say by by to Siss-Sissty-Three
Say hello to my new friend, Hello Friend you Rule!!


I love the whole premise behind the "Hillclimb". In my opinion, as redneck as it gets as far as motorcycles are concerned. These things are 100% dangerous. The dudes running Harley motors are far and few between, but the ones that are get mad props in my book. Cant wait to see this shit in Sturgis.

Sabbath Ride

Another Sunday run up to Brighton. This time with the elusive Stan Evans. Took the Duc since the Sporty is getting some kinks worked out before Sturgis. The Sky looked fake, clouds were traveling towards eachother, epic.


Elbow Grease.

Billy Mays should've tried selling Elbow Grease 'cause the shit works.  1 bad Finnish horror flick's running length with 1000-2000 grit sandpaper, a little polish, and wax... no more orange peel.  So shiny that my lady's ghost has chosen to live there.

This is why I ride a Sporty

Cause this Night Train makes me look like I am five. Stone had to stay
so far behind me since he thought I might lay it down cause I couldn't
reach the bars or controls. Either way, he pushed through and got the
shot. Let's call this one, "PCH Rebel".


My Fellow Americans;
Now is the time.  You must raise your voices and speak your minds in the issues that matter the most!  Today's vote?  Should Jeremy run a bad-mutha' quarter fairing on the Bolts Patriot?  Check the ghetto photochop above... I'm sayin' yes.  I'm sayin' yes so hard that I wasted 7 minutes in Photoshop to try to convince y'all of the same...
So vote.
Do it.
American Idol style... your country needs you.


Gettin' there.

Last go round, I paid some dude $1,500 to paint my bike.  Then I wrecked it.  Lesson learned:  Don't spend money on paint.  You'll always fuck it up.  Dump your money into your motor, because it'll probably be the only thing that still works when you wreck that bitch.
Orange-peeled to hell and far from perfect.  But a little 2000 grit, some polish, and she'll be good enough.  For an investment of $50-ish, it's damn near perf.


The Drummer, Nick Mason, pretty much shreds this song. I have always wondered what he is thinking about since he is probably hopped up on so much acid he doesnt even realize he is playing the drums. It gets pretty gnarly around 4:15 and he even loses a stick at 4:33 but miraculously has a new one the next second.

Chanel Cafe'

(Insert Gay comments here) I hate to say it, but no matter how much you hate this Chanel bike based on a Triumph Bonnie platform is amazing.

DI Find

Copped a sweet pair of vintage moto boots for office flair.


Should I convert my Duc to a Dual Sport?

Looks pretty sweet to me. The boys over at Terra Mostro are getting 16K for one of these. Looks super fun! Take off all of the extra weight that makes it "Street Legal" and you have one Mad Max style whip.

47 Knuck

I was in SoCal this week for yet another sales meeting. This time for Electric. Kip Arnette, one of the founders and sole sunglass designer, is super into bikes. I convinced him to ride up to the meeting with me. He has a few scoots, Ducati Sport Classic, Panhead, and a Knuckle. On the way back down PCH we stopped by his house cause he wanted to show me this bad boy.

There is so much engineering in this thing its ridiculous. The MoCo was legit back in the day, thats for sure. A lot of subtle details on this thing.

-All internal cables on the bars
-Left grip is to retard the timing
-Foot clutch with Tank Shift
-All matching numbers
-Two different adjustments on the carb to dial in for any change in altitude

This thing almost gave me an anxiety attack just looking at it. So dope though.


Slide Show

These photos will never get used  anywhere so....  Slideshow!

Dirt Bikes

Seth, his Brother Ben, and I rode over Guardsman Pass today. It was
pretty amazing. Probably 25 degrees cooler than in the valley, plus we
got to ride a dirt road. Jeremy was there in spirit since his non
breather bolts on his air cleaner were causing major oil pressure
spillage and he had to head home before we headed up the canyon. Get
well soon Jackhammer.

Seth demonstrating his supercross skills.

Uh oh.....where'd my ignition go?



383 VS 1200's

So I button up a few things on the 'jackhammer'  hadn't ridin' her since i finished 'patriot'.  So after I clicked into second gear it was straight to the shop to order a 1200 buell hop up kit.  I hated the 383 on patriot, so to pour salt in my own wounds I went for a ride on snappy chan!
I then round a corner and goose it outta my turn next thing I know I am saving myself from loopin' out, I might as well have been on ice with the 2 quarts of oil that emptied on my rear tire from a line disconnecting.  Mellow fix, straight to the wash, Jackhammer is snappy and clean.

Fancy Paint, Ver. 2.1.

Sean's MIA til Wednesday, so I've got no shop til then.  Which leaves me kickin' out the worthless tasks til he's back.  Laid down the base and the tape for the new tank graphics today.  Just laid dark brown over this (in select areas, of course)... in my front yard, by flashlight.  Ghetto, for sure.


Riding down PCH, amazing weather

One Love

It's part if their slogan, and I back it 100%. Had to make a pit stop
at Cane's while I was in Vegas for 8 hours today. Seems like only
yesterday I had the whole Onward Westward posse trying the best
Chicken Fingers in the West(or for Hime best fries cooked in the same
vat at the chicken strips in the west), working on their bikes in the
parking lot, and getting rolled up on by the 5.0 when we were viewing
some fine pieces of assault weaponry in the back of a truck. Ah,


Stand 'Em Up.

I should be busting an edit from Onward Westward... but my mind was elsewhere.  Picked up The Bat's new heart yesterday.  Sean loaned out his Girl Bike engine stand a while ago --- of course it never came back.  So I spent an hour or so today building New Heart a temporary home... not done yet, but I will be tomorrow.

Made it home late last night

"Newport to straight to SLC today. 12.5 hours and 709 miles. Stats: 13
gas stops, 5 credit cards that won't currently authorize at the pump,
1 stop for food, 6 gatorades, 8 waters, 4 red bulls, 1 quart of oil, 2
bags of ice for white trash AC, 1 whole bottle of SPF 50, and only one
run in with the Highway Patrol. Longest I have ever traveled on ground
in one day."


Half the crew home from Onward

Myself, Stone and Rookie made it home today.  We were unable to avoid the dragons mouth.  So we took Tan lines (Hime)

advice and hooked up bags of ice to our bikes for AC.  This proved to be one of the most amazing things ever!!  Ill photos will be posted of said activity when Stone busts an edit.  

Keep a look out for the ill photos and edit coming soon!

Ride Safe Hobbs and Queen!!

Black and white sunset!