Random Goodness

David Downing ripping!

Meetings, Skate. Production and a maiden voyage ( support team) to pizza party!  Great day!


Pangea Speed Born Free Build, Exclusive

Rolled into socal today for the Born Free Show this weekend with Andy Carter of Pangea Speed and his new Turbo-Evo build for the Builder Series comp in the show.  We unloaded and he mobbed around adjusting and tweaking to get it dialed, as he "finished" his scoot in Utah at 5:57 am this morning and I picked him up at 6:10 and we landed in Cali at 7pm-ish.  Bike is beautiful! and sounds INCREDIBLE!  Maybe your into it maybe your not, but if you cant respect what went into this beast then say nothing at all!!


Born Free 4 :: Bolts//Action

All Packed up and ready for the mob to Born Free 4.  If you're in the cut be sure to check out the BoltsAction tent at Born Free 4.  We are hyped to be up in the cut and have a few new items up for sale.  It will all be posted in the Bolts Store after Born Free if you can't make it out.  Thanks Hollywood and Dre for all your hard work!!  See ya'll on the road, travel safe!


Nothing to do with anything...

except a rad skate session at my crib with a couple homies and my family.

no moto's, sorry.

Pretty sure Stone will be posting pics of some "real biker shit" soon though.



Been off the grid trying to get this thing finished. Normal posting to resume now cause its fucking done!



Almost Done

I know it doesn't look it, however it is true!

Anyone got a Sporty pulley cover for gives or maybe lunch or sumptin?



Glass Case Filled With Emotion

I think Ron Burgundy put it best, and thats the phrase I will use to sum up our Sunday outing in American Fork Canyon. About 25 miles of some gnarly single track. We encountered; amazing weather, great trails, snow, cliffs, boulders, loose rocks, and more than we bargained for in some instances. So stoked on our crew, everyone held together in a tight unit. Thanks Sean for Motivating, and Brandon for taking photos. Chris and Tonino, you guys killed it for your first encounter with this shit.

The Fun Road

A few weeks back I rode from Encinitas out to Borrego Springs. Having never gone there prior I looked at the map, which offered multiple routes, and I chose the one that looked the most fun. Turned out to be super fun. Cant wait to go back and ride it again. Thanks Julian for loaning me your M2.


MM Summer Edition

As my moronsicle sat cozy in my truck bed getting phenomenal gas milage, I followed the MM crew around the streets of SLC for a few snaps!  Hollywood got jealous of my bikes gas milage and tried to cop some of the action.