Surfmoto: Tres

The illusive Rouser has been hitting me up lately with video links of him shredding the Texas coast on his Surfmoto. This time his homies joined him and it looks like they are having the time of their lives. Reminds me of setting up a launch ramp on the street when I was a kid riding my BMX bike. Full airtime to FLAT These dudes are getting tossed!

Note to Rouser:

Dear Rob-
I miss you to pieces. Please start building bikes and posting on your blog again. Without knowing what your doing every moment of the day I have a hard time going to sleep at night.


Surfmoto 3 from rouserworks on Vimeo.


Setheez Mob Teaser

Setheez Mob went off without to many hitches. We all were on the Phone app cameras since that was our only way of posting on the road. But we will drop some Ham's over the next bit.

Here is a little tease, the full edit will come soon as it's is currently under construction. I can't wait to see it myself.

Mob up

Highlight reel coming soon. Great Mob!

A big Thanks to Bear Mtn. for putting us up, and our good buddy Buz at Fastlane Courier for sprintering us out.


A couple more gems

Current Status

60 miles in the snow so far!!! BEAST!!

Mob home

Weather isn't lookin to sweet at our destination. We swooped some
rain suits in St. George and Hobbs was deep in thought about the
possible wetness ahead. Wish us luck.

Big Bear to LA to LV

We logged a good chunk of miles today. 120 miles the wrong way for a
TV show, a meeting, and a re-up on a camera, then LA to Vegas. With a
looooong skate stop at an abandoned gas stop in the middle of nowhere.


On Snow Day 2

The crew chillin' while the park crew salts up the summer snow. And
the Bambi Slayer!

Good Morning Monday

Seth ealry style with a new hair cut ta boot!


Mammoth Arrival

Just made it to Mammoth to meet the rest the crew, pretty mellow 375
solo today. I lost my brand new camera somewhere in the last 40 miles
though. Bummed!


Dancin on the road

First stop of, Ely NV. We somehow dodged the rain and snow going on all around us. Andy had to turn around cause his carb was jetted way too rich and it was fouling his plugs. Seth, Kody, Brock, Stone, and myself are headed to Mammoth tomorrow.


As Jer stated below, we're about to be gone.
7 days. Beauty.


*** First and foremost: Thank you so much. I can't believe how many people stepped up and bought shit. Way more than I'd have anticipated --- thanks.
*** Second, and probably more important: My life is a junkshow... I ran into delays. As a result, I won't be able to ship these until I get home from this jam. Hopefully nobody's life is hanging in the balance. I swear on my mother's fortunately-as-of-yet-unfilled grave (love you, mom) that these WILL SHIP ON FRIDAY THE 30TH. Super sorry for this... I'm late for everything.

A teaser.
Amongst the projects keeping my shit late?
Coming soon...



Heddin out on "setheez riders' tour tomorrow, bikes, skates and snowboarding. Most likely a whole bunch of other stuff too that would just be foolish to try and predict. Look out for clips and photos. Not sure how often thing will get posted while the ride is shaking, cause we will have all 4 Bolts Action contributors on the same Jam, stoked!!!! thats been a minute. Word, post soon!


FS: The Undertaker

Posting this up for a friend of mine. I dont have a full spec sheet so I will just list what I know below. The bike only has about 300 total miles on it. The seller just wants to get into anything more stock and less rigid. If you have any questions on the price, or interest in more info, contact him here. He is open to a trade for a Dyna as well, preferably a Street Bob.

2008 Foundry
80" Evo
Baker 5 Speed
S&S Super E
Primo 1.5" Open Drive
Electronic Start
18" Rear 21" Front
Narrow Glide Front End
Ribbed Mustang Tank
Shaved Lowers
HD Floorboards

This thing is an effing blast to ride.