Four Scoops Friends*

*As suggested by the ever so high maintenance Brandon Anderson whom I love with all of my heart, hence granting the below passive agressive request because he reads into things too much and doesn't realize that I need to be more duragatory to make up for my height.

First Time For Everything

We were on an epic ride today when the drum brakes on Julians BSA decided to overheat and not work causing him not to make the turn in time. It was his first time laying it down. Really fun ride with a good crew and the only fatalities were a headlight and dislocated shoulder. Could of been way worse. Jussi even showed up as the tow truck driver.


Way Awesome Wednesdays

So Rad!


Received a couple pretty slick parts today! Way stoked!! Both companies were super on it and easy to deal with! Now I'll just wait for Hollywood to text me all bummed cause I didn't hit him up for a discount he has access too. Support the scene foo's!!

The Stable

Has a healthy rotation going through it right now



Our Second Annual Birthday extravaganza is 65 days away. Its going to be a fun one. Go to BIRTHDAY.BOLTSACTION.COM to get more info and stay up to date with all the details. Lets Party!


The Buell

Was a good investment

Trap Door Tonino

A loose needle bearing was putting a damper on his clutch game. He is back now and better than ever.


A good dudes needs our help!!!


This Saturday a car/bikeshow/BBQ and your chance to throw a homie a couple bones (click above link for the details). Shirts will be made with the above art work, auctions will take place and just all around support and goodness for this Kid! Help please! This is our local scene. There is power in numbers fools, lets keep as many souls around as we can!!!


Pre EDR: First day in San Felipe

- Julian getting first crack at wifi
- Tonino still running a Velcro wallet
- Rouser counting his peso coin collection
- Reg has an amazing hat
- Stone hasn't brushed his teeth in 3 days
- I'm cutting my hair off this week

Help the KID!!


It happened!

More bikes than ever, close to 50!!

ZERO photos!

Backup Plan

Has been established