SSSR Biltwell 2012


Southern Peach Moonshine

Chardonnay debut in Baker Nevada!  A very intimate show, we were lucky enough be among the crowd this evening!

Morning after Chardonnays  debut appearance

Jake smoked me with dried up lake sand.


Super Bike

Jake hooked up the tickets for Super Bike this weekend.  Me and the boy went out and got hooked, him on Pretzels and me on getting a scoot and being on that track.  Look out for some sort of Grim Cycles/BoltsAction type colab out on that track soon, cant wait!


Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is the real deal, he doesn't care one bit... (about what you think!).  However, he does care about his family and surviving in this economical mudslide that Washington has done a phenomenal job in tossing small business's of America into.  Push politics aside and I dare you to get him to lend an ear bud stuffed ear to your ideas about Teva's, chaps, shorts over sweat pants and 17 in a half foot long beards.  "It works, and I know it works" Teen Wolf might say if you can even coax him into suffering a whif or your "new school" breath and failing style!  Salt of the earth would be grabbing the right sized wrench for a one liner about Wolf,  not because he "loves everyone" or is "always smiling" TW is, what you see is what you get, in the most truest form.   Simple as that!


Exactly one million years ago.  To the day, actually.


Pangea Speed: Born Free 4 cut

The first time Andy and I had met was arranged over text to meet at a gas station and head to a movie premier for the evening festivities.  We met, gassed up, exchanged only a few short words and were on our way.  Inside the first 2 miles of the ride we had weaved traffic at high speeds and launched a few curb cuts and mediums, stopping at our first light looked at each other grinning!

That was all it took!  I became a fan right then of Andy.

It wasn't until a year or so later I came to realize how amazing of builder he is!  A visionary and phenomenal masher hooked on reading owners manuals and spec sheets.  for the sake of not offending Andy's fellow builders at my nods towards Andy, let me just say this:  Andy makes the hacks hack harder, he makes the good more good-er and Andy pushes the BEST past their limits.  I think we can all agree that, that can be good for all of us!



Glad to death I can be out hipstered, thats one thing I hope is never my strong point.
BoltsAction has a Insta account, if your up on your gram game, peep ours,
Stone, Seth and Jake will be keeping it updated and on track.


Shots on film, cause I can out hipster both those fuckers... it's kinda my job.