Sunday Set Up's

Dbl A Straightaway rocks a tight set up for his skate on his sporty.  WIth a couple brackets mounted to existing fixtures, and a bun-gee this set up proves very solid and convenient.  Straightaway is considering making a selling a few.  So if your ever up in a MotoMonday with the kid strike up a convo, he'll be stoked to tell you how awesome it is.


Promising Departure?

Still 10.7 hours till depature.  Ya never know what will happen.  It happening one way or another, that fosho!



Life has slowed just enough to squeak in a quick weekend ride/camp jam.  Bags are packed and ready to roll, simple but effective (hopefully, I always make mistakes).  Just the beginning of jam packed summer and fall!


The thing is...

It's just allot of fun for us! All of it! "The Hollywood Eagle" Taking flight!



Our homie Davin out in Motor City reppin the Mess bottle on his Chevro-Leg powered mochine, check him out here.


On Any Sunday

Tonino, Rookie, and I headed about an hour southwest of SLC today to go ride some trails. Epic day, Im smoked.

First Breather


Tonino getting his platinum sky mile membership

Rookie doing his best Steve McQueen on an actual bike from On Any Sunday

Fuck Wheelies are fun

Sky Miles Rewards


Sunday Set Ups 3

Hollywoods tool box and work benches are this weeks Sunday Set Up. How can I explain this? Hobbs is very particular about the way things exist. Don't think for a second that he got all these items all straightened up for the photos, if you do you'll be dead as dead wrong possible. I have made frequent stops by Hollywood's crib site, unannounced and his kit always looks this buttoned up! Its crazy! Homie keeps his seen tight and in order. OCD? Maybe. Truth is, it makes more sense than the pile that most people work under (at least me).
My favorites.

The Religious Candles
"MY" air cleaner wrapped in a towel

Love the Hollywood!! Great Set Up fool!


I know, I know. This shit happened just over a week ago. Which, basically, makes it vintage by internet/blog standards... fuck it.
I happened to find myself in Los Angeles last Saturday night, with a few hours to myself between jobs. So I swooped up a couple local homies in the rented Chevy Cruze (yeah, I'd never heard of it, either) and headed to the DiCE Mag issue 43 release party at Evil Spirit Engineering. Sadly, I showed up just as the live music was ending, so I can't tell you shit about how much it ruled/sucked. But, gauging by the wind-down feedback as I walked in, I'm guessing it was a bit of a sludge-fest that I probably would've been into. We'll never know.
I wasn't planning on shooting photos --- this was supposed to be a night off. BUT, not knowing anyone and feeling very much the outsider (L.A. ain't my fuckin' town), I resorted to hangin' with my old friend, The Canon, between free bevvy's from the beer tent.
For the most part, what I can report on for y'all, gentle readers, consisted of bro's doin' bro things, swag gettin' raffled, beer being consumed, and a handful of solid babes --- the things that make any biker get-together worth it's weight.
If you missed the party, and you're curious about the overall vibe... remember the movie Fright Night? I sure do... that movie fuckin' ruled. Remember the scene where the suave, dangerous neighborhood vampire seduces the dikey neighbor from Married With Children in the awesome 80's punk/new wave club? Imagine that setting, with everyone wearing military jackets and fingerless wool gloves and beanies and leather... basically, the cool-hobo look. Now imagine all those people swilling beer and talking bikes instead of dancing to Flock Of Seagulls... got the visual? Good... that's a starting point. I ain't makin' fun... just makin' an observation.
All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday night between gigs. I just wish I would've won one of the Michael Schmidt prints instead of the big ol' pocketful of nothin' that I walked with. Next time... next time.



Who. Seth Huot
Where. Where isn't he?
Why. Total badass, for real. One of, if not the most, determined people I know.
Where. Crazy, but I just realized all of these were taken in UT


Sunday Set Ups Part 2

This Sunday Set Up is spotlighting my side snachel.
I keep my tool roll in here (which also serves and my tool box in my garage) at all times and sometimes it gets a bit sparse and random, so I give it a good check a couple times a year, to tighten it up and make sure I got what I need. Yesterday was one of those checks and the roll had some randomness. I could still pull a few things off with the kit, but the zip tie with no clasp? or maybe the step bit? I think the step bit wins. I pack a heavy roll in general but rarely do a through in my Dewalt.