One Month From Today

Four weeks from today we will depart on another epic Birthday trip. The past three have been nothing short of amazing and i'm sure this one will not disappoint. In the interest of keeping things annual we will be camping again at Gros-Ventre campground just outside of Jackson. If you have been on this trip before then you know its low maintenance and everyone can be on their own schedule and go at their own pace. I will have more details in the coming weeks but above is all you should really need to know. Super stoked, hope to see all of our loved ones there.



Bolts on Mt. Hood

Seth and Myself are up at Mt. Hood for a week with our homie JP for snowboard camp. For the past few years we have made this cliff jump a little annual reunion of sorts. It never gets any easier and to walk the green mile to the cliffs edge is always a bit of anxiety.

A bit of skating