The mail lady didn't ruin my day today. In fact, she made it better. Not a single threatening letter from the I.R.S., and she left me this.
Thanks, Adam... this is fantastic.
To anyone who hasn't picked it up yet, get on it.

(Adam's words)...

"OK, details. It's 50 bucks (60 bucks shipped international) and it goes all over the place, photo-wise. It's all photos from: (see photog list in book, I can't remember them all). I can't describe shit well. It's pretty fucking epic.
So many great people contributed. I mean it, the thing is serious. There's definitely nothing like it. 500 made total. 100 first run. It's like 4 Road Courses thick, very thick paper, printed in USA not Hong Kong. I have a PayPal now through my email, adamwrightphoto@yahoo.com. When they're gone there are no plans to reprint. Thanks, ese." --- Adam Wright

Get after it, kid.


Powder Room

The Chaps Bet

Seth, Jake and myself made a wager awhile back that ran the length of the winter. The bet was for me to accomplish a task and if accomplished Jake and Seth would run chaps for a week in July everywhere they went (week of my choice/ HOT!). Well, to make a long story longer. We had a minor controversial issue that won't really be fully resolved until Sept. and with July running it's course fast and 99% of the bet won! I gave the two of them the chance to opt out and call it off. Well, we needed a post and Seth was having fun with it, So we made a one ride photo op deal with chaps. Although, Seth enjoyed a few extra trips to the gym in his chaps and a day in the office as well for giggles. So yeah.... Enjoy! These two actually looked really "normal" I thought. Fun times Boys!!

Chaps anyone!

Full story coming soon!


MM X 7

Because slow has never been cool.

Being the speeding philanthropist he is, Sean at Grim Cycle Salvage will be offering up slow poke salvation via an 883-1200 conversion sale. $999 will buy your post-iron/pre-rubber Sporty a little more pep so you don't get left behind like a bad lay. All of this, provided by a man who's built more motors than you've scored chicks. Give Sean a shout for details --- 801.669.8184.
(Sorry for the shameless homie plug... but not really.)


The Ebb And Flow Of Coolness. Or, Next Year's Period Correct.

(Thanks for the phrase, Tonino)
Sean and I spent the past few weeks locating and collecting several of his past builds - the ones that we could track down locally - for a little project we're working on.
It's crazy to see how much styles have changed.
Sean built this bike for a customer in the late 90's... there's a ridiculous amount of work in it. Hidden on-board compressor and a grip of other high-dollar doo-dads. All the moulding was done in steel, not bondo. The 100" S&S Evo motor was polished by none other than West Coast Choppers, and that was still several years before Motorcycle Mania hit the mainstream and Jesse was still just another dude tryin' to make a buck.
This scoot won a bunch of awards, including first place at the Easyrider's Sacramento show in 98 or 99... but I can't recall accurate details, so I'll save accolades for another day.
Anyway. It's funny to think that in 5-10 years, dudes in Japan are gonna be trading their life savings to buy these wheels on eBay. It'll probably take a few years longer to catch on again in the US, but mark my words... this shit'll be back, and a whole new generation of dudes are gonna be scramblin' to be the first to get back to the last.
(By the way, I know I look dead-sexy on this thing... please, though, try to keep your girlfriends from emailing me naked photos. My collections big enough already.)

Brighton Car Show

Last weekend a group of us rode up to Brighton for their annual car show with proceeds going to charity. There were some sick cars up there for sure. Most bike guys are car guys too, so hope you enjoy.


Moon Blast

I know, there is nothing special about getting a frame blasted! But...
3 things made it cool to me.

1- I got a new camera and wanted to try it out
2- This place is allot like how I imagine going to the moon would be.
3- 50 bucks on the spot, and a ice cold Dew, can't beat that!

An Old Classic.

Some of y'all know that I'm a huge fan of the classics:
J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye.
Darrio Argento's Suspiria.
You know, the shit that your parents got down with before capitalism turned them into robots? The stuff your creepy uncle was always talking about while trying to sound intelligent in front of yet another random girlfriend that he brought to Thanksgiving dinner? Good, tried and true classics that have been around forever and will stick around for a long time yet.
On Monday, I got to experience another great classic: Right turns from left lanes.
Yup... an old, honest to goodness American classic, brought to motorcycle riders on a daily basis by irresponsible drivers in cars. Or, in this instance, 15 passenger cargo vans.
But hey... this isn't supposed to be another hard-times post about shit luck and Debbie Downer wah-wahs...
Not at all.
Instead, this post is to let everyone who's still reading know that on Monday I had what was quite possibly the most amazing good hair day of my entire life.
That's right... on Monday, my hair looked fantastic.
All day --- Before being cut off by a cargo van's last-second decision to shoot across my lane at 90 degrees to hit a perpendicular parking spot on the right. During the collision when I was bouncing off his van after a 20 foot, fully flared right-side powerslide (nailed it!) . And even afterwards, while I was shouting words of encouragement at the cowering driver through his barely cracked window... pick-me-ups such as "what the fuck was that" and "get the fuck out of that van right now you fucking stupid cunt".
Yup, my clip was looking TIGHT.
So here's to good haircuts and pomades, for keeping that shit where you put it, no matter what your day throws your way!
Thanks for letting me share this little tidbit of optimism --- good hair is rarely an easy task.
(Sorry, I don't have any photos of my amazing hair from Monday... just this stupid photo of a twisted-ass FXR)


Doin It Baja

I would assume that most of you have seen these by now. So if you have been hiding under a rock for some reason I have done you a kindness and posted all 8 episodes below, your welcome you lazy SOB's.

We don't like to "embed" or "repost" stuff here on Bolts but this one is worth a watch for sure. Especially since our close friends Hime Herbert and Bill Bryant were on the trip.

Hime has been a homie for a long ass time. We have repped the same brands in the past and he is now slanging Loser Machine Goods and Gold Coast Skateboards in the greater Los Angeles area. He is also a vegetarian that can drink you under the table and make you piss your pants from laughter. Great effin dude. You can check his passion for road bikes here.

Bill is one of those guys that knows a lot about a lot of things. He is kind of like having insurance 24/7 when you are around him, he puts off a "safe" vibe. He is deeply rooted in the old school BMX scene and he is now a co-owner of Biltwell. I got to spend some great time with him on the last Baja trip we did last month. He was nice enough to take us on a 70 mile Mexican trail ride up the coast that was unbelievable.

Both of these cats played very important roles in the footage below. Hime, the class clown, and Bill, the fearless tour guide. If you ever get the chance to ride motorcycles down to Baja, DO IT! You'll never regret it if you do.


Bolts Check: Mark Welsh

Mark Welsh

I've known Mark for some time now. We have never been daily hanger outers, daily texters, or phone caller budies, only the occasional e-mail here and there, a trip maybe and a bit of bizness once in awhile. Mark has always struck a harmonious chord with me though, be it his smug smile at some dry humored thought he is carrying around, or a snazzy wit filled comment pertaining to the wackness in front of him. Or... Just that fact that he is down! Down for the moment, the jam, the work, the grind, raising his little girl, whatever it is, dude is committed to being a good human and making use of his soul. So without to much bull crap I introduce you to Mark Welsh.

What got you interested in photoging?

I thinking looking at shots from WWII and Vietnam

What's you primary subjects (that pay bills)?

Shooting for Nitro Snowboards and L1 and Lita Outerwear

What's your prefered subjects?

Street Photography, Real Life and Shitty Things

Why an interest in motorcycles, and moto culture?

My Grandfather, Brother and Dad all rode and raced bikes.

If you had to pick only 1 thing in the world to draw inspiration from, what would it be?

My Wife. I find her the inspirational, creative and amazing muse in my life.

Thanks Mark!

Mark is part of a show coming up in Portland with a few heavies, peep game if your in the hood.

Mark Welsh
Scott Pommier
Jon Humphries
Benji Wagner
Molly Quan
Roger Seliner
Ray Gordon
Wez Lundry

Bikes by:
James Crowe
See See Motorcycles

Live music by:

October at Nemo

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Nemo Headquarters
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