SFK 992 'spot check'

SFK 992- Hhmm... How should I introduce these cats? One of the best things about SLC and the moto scene is that it is small, this is also on of the the worst things, no swap meets, only 1 or 2 legit shops, not many KIDS into it really. These dudes are firin' though, its fresh to see young kids, broke as broke gets and all they wanna do is chop some Jap bike they picked up for 5o bucks on the curb. They have created a choppin' sanctuary in there rental pads back yard, turned the shed into an expandable paint booth, inlisted welding techniques and skills from the neighbor (and welders) and take crap from their landlord for not having the skills he has with their concrete work, while pouring mini QP's to skate between bike rotations through the shop.

Keep it clean and keep it tight... At least the tools anyway!

Shop dog/Guard dog and all round Homie for the fools!

Lets not forget a couple of the chops they got kickin' it around there!

Thanks for letting me hang and pop some clips guys, keep choppin' and keep rippin' well be seeing ya shredding turns in the canyons and through the streets of sugarhouse. SFK 992 keeping it Bolts!!

Shameless Homie Plug

Bolts Family friend, and fellow street shredder, Andy Carter is the founder of a sweet little parts company called Pangea Speed. He has just released a few new products on his site and I highly suggest you check em out and scoop some up. His precision welds and materials are second to none and it shows in the finished product. The most appealing product to us broke ass garage builders are his license plate brackets. He brought one of these things to my office to show me and I was astounded, the thing is so effing light it would be useless as a paperweight, but yet its stronger than Arnold in the 80's. Hit him up here to get some of his handmade parts. Don't forget to let him know if his shits as rad as I think it is. Tell him the Bolts Boys sent you and he might throw in some sweet stickers for all the shit we find to sticker up!

Dirt Bike Style Chain Tensioners

LP Bracket Sans light mount

w/light mount option. Buy both if you can't decide.

Davis Catchin some lefts

boltsACTION SoCal member Matt Davis surf dogin on a ride to Big Sur. Careful out there Slater.

Small Ride, Small Price

Me and Andy ripped Beck St. found a good kicker too, no photo's.... Yet!
The Small Price.



Quick edits from the Darkroom(of my computer)

Reno Bound

Delirious Bagger Sessions

Patriots Virgin Run

Cat & Mouse

Shop Dog

Tetons VS. Brown

5:10 AM, Middle of WYO

Bottom's Up

Dirt Bikes




Chris Graves and his trusted FXR dropped by the garage yesterday to drop some proven "know how" on Brock and I as we are starting to wrap up the BeezBike. He also dropped some ideas on us about his new chopper project coming up, can't wait to see it! Yeah Chris!

The "Endorsement"

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that at least half the people riding motorcycles on the streets of America do not have an endorsement/license. I know I ran it freestyle for the first two years and I can only assume that I was not alone. I bring up this subject because there have been a lot of people in my circle about to get "Legal". Its so funny how afraid some get in regards to not passing. I think its great.

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Congratulations" to our boy Hime for passing his test, in Compton, and on a Vespa. I wouldn't expect anything less.Hime's Scooter

Hime's Rented scooter

For those that weren't loyal "Black Horse Followers", before the birth of BoltsAction, click on this sweet link for the story of my endorsement. I definitely lost a little feeling of Rebellion once I became legal, I figured louder pipes would offset that though.


THE Jam Extras

Lets start with this Hippie! Gross dude!! I would be so bummed to have to fix this hippies kit. Dude even packs his toilet with him... I guess he uses a toilet, so I suppose thats good.
Rookie settlin' in to skids, burns and surfs.

I made a air cleaner cover outta a coffee tin, worked Bolts!
Chasin' Hobbs down the road while he got his surf on!
I love going through old photos, you find gems in there that you didn't think were jams at the first edit.


New Meat Hook Hangers

Finally got around to putting some new bars on my bike. Needless to say, I am so stoked on how they look. The boys at Biltwell know how to make some quality shit. If you want some sweet bars I suggest checking out their stuff cause its on point for sure. These are their Street Tracker bars. I hacked em two inches on each side so they match the slim profile of my whip. Now I just need to go find a sweet circle track to test em out on.

The best decision Buell has ever made


"Chicks Dig Bikes" Sunday

Third day in a row we got a ride together. New mix of posse members today. Queen's lady Aja blew the dust off of her bike and got out to hit the twisties. We also had a new duo that had a solid showing today, Andy and his other half Jessica. I randomly met Andy last week when he left some of his stickers on my bike. Andy is a jack of all trades, he does it all and he has an eye for perfection. Shoot over to his website here and check out some of his creations. To add to his prowess is his girlfriend Jessica who not only rides but has kick ass style as well. Dre hasn't gotten on the "License" train yet so I brought the Duc out so she could ride shotgun. Sweet weather up until the last two miles when we got absolutely drenched.