B-Fox sent me some pics that he took out in So-cal when we had hooked up for some skating and hangin' out at the Born Free show. Foxie was shooting with some ancient machinery, this be the reason the post didn't come in for a few weeks. But, Foxie turned out some pretty cool looking shots if ya ask me, the Goldcoast hipsters would be uber proud of Foxie's clips.
Thanks for the shots man!! They really are stellar!


Cost of a nail: $.02
Cost of an Avon Venom 140/90-16: $200

(Prices approximated... I really have no idea what the monetary value of a single nail is, but I'm assuming that, at best, it's about 1/10,000 the cost of my fairly-new Avon)



New Danzig... been out for 6 days. I hope you're all rockin' it loud by now.
(Sorry for the lack of radness from my end... my computer took a shit. Should be good to go mid-week)



If you don't know Rick, you don't know shit.
Rick is one of the few dudes in Utah who knows what the fuck. Dude rolls an FXR that puts out 135+ hp --- enough said.
Rick's parties are pretty much legendary.
Rick is a bad motherfucker, and today is his parking lot party... if you can hang, get there.


Sporty project Assembly

I've had a few good ice breaker days in the shop. Some mellow fab work and mocking things up to get an overall idea. Funtimes, cruise over and check it out if you are in the neighborhood!


Some GO SKATE DAY shit for y'all.
1 --- Jer crushes shit.
2 --- Hobbs GTS-in', Soelberg givin' it up.
3 --- SFK, SFK, Rookie, AKA Lipstick. It's like a goddamn code.


The Loser Machine Shomper Hauler

Few know of the gem that I picked up two months ago. I'd dreamt of owning a mid-sixties van for awhile now but never thought it would be a reality. Well it is now, and its pretty much the closest thing you can get to the experience of riding a motorcycle while driving a car; its loud, you need massive forearms to handle the manual steering, and it doesnt have seat belts. Its just slightly sketchy.

This thing was pretty beat when I picked it up. Was sitting in a field in the middle of UT without so much as a touch of a finger for the last 10 years. I trailered it home, worked on it for two days, and now she is a daily driver. I can fit two bikes in the back no problem and it has a natural heater in between the seats(the motor) for the Winter.

If anyone knows of any parts connections please let me know.

68 Dodge A100
318 5.7L V8
3 Speed Auto

Thanks to all the sponsors above.


Chop Cult Photo Comp

Chop Cult busted out with a Amateur Photo Comp, on the Forum feed last month. I figured I would enter to try and push dudes to get crazy with the camera, not expecting to win! I never win anything! I love shooting it's rad, I get tons and tons of really crappy shots and every once in awhile I nail one or even 2 just how I had hoped, but only on a really good day.

The photo that Won! Stoked kinda, I haven't won anything for years!

Some of the out takes/dicey moments below!

Thanks to Chop Cult and to everyone that voted and felt my submission deserved to win, that was really cool of all you fools!


Birthday/Skate Vid

Brakes STOP even when Broke!

If you can remember back about a week back Bishop's brakes locked up on the freeway at 70mph. He drifted (without exaggerating) a solid 150feet across two lanes of Cali traffic, safely to the edge!! Solid! He sends me a photo in an e-mail today, about said event and its cause:

I would say new pads were in order...

I'm pretty sure I found the issue. There is a blow through valve in
your master cylinder. If it gets clogged it can cause the brake to
stick or completely close. It was in pretty bad shape. Cleaned it
out, rebuilt the caliper and bled the brakes till the fluid ran with
brand new fluid.

Rode it up to pc today and it was fine.


Bolts Birthday Go Skate Day Post 1

Wooden Robots for bagels and meet up, good start here. Z and I had a game of skate to wake up!

Hobbs van is Rockin'...

Z was on a killing spree at the parks.

Chris and I entered a tired game of skate. S-k-a-t-e is the best game ever invented for skating. Park has a sick Vet that was out cruisin' today.

This will for sure be a multi post, so apologies in advance for this, actually not really. We shot mostly video (coming soon) so not a ton of action in the fotos, but Stone shot some great shots, but we all know how often those hit the blog, so don't cross your fingers. We had a rad turnout, started with 9 bikes and at one point we were up to 15 bikes, we had cars and vans and a good number of skaters at each park and that followed the tour. We hit 5 skate parks and logged close to 200 miles, the weather was insanely awesome and its still not over. The party is happening at a Bar named Sue shortly. Which Im sure will go off and have its own post as well. Nixon bought pizza and gave away headphones, SICK!! Wooden Robots (AG, Gravis, Habitat, Alien Workshop) and Celtek provided shade at the parks and lots of cold drinks. Man!!!! What a good time!!! Thank for everyones help in the aid of a wonderful skate/bike day!!


Bolts Action Birthday Ride/ Go Skate Day


This is gonna be super duper alltime! Make it to your park of choice, Join the whole ride or just show up at the Party at night. Makes no difference to us just so long as you get out and Skate!
We will meet at Wooden Robots Headquarters to start off the day, address and time on flyer above. Nixon will be at SoJo skatepark dishin' out some goods. Best trick comp for some ill headphones and some other good has been talked about. Sean at Grim is gonna throw in a pair of his bars that he has been crankin' out for the past ten years so you know you'll get a good set, maybe for a trick maybe for someone the jams the whole ride, maybe just cause you have a good smile, who knows. Celtek will be somewhere doing something, so keep an eye out! We runnin' it loose and on the go, so many surprises may arrise. There will plenty of giveaways at A Bar named Sue that night so don't miss out on that, Plus a great band line up, God's Revolver and Los Rojos, Bangin'! So come celebrate Go Skate Day and our Birthday here at Bolts, yea Happy birthday to us were gonna be a number now!