Random out takes from the past: Bish, Randy and myself on the pigeon crap jump and adjacent projects lot.


Living in a bubble....

of shit. Just like Jeremy said, every day is like a full pack of smokes. It sucks, but that's what happens till we get another weather system in here. But the XR was begging me to stretch it legs so I did it a favor.


Nice (smoggy) day out

Gets horribly smoggy in Utah during the January month. This year it has came early, zero snow usually backs up the smog, with sub zero temps in the valley. Well despite the terrible air (1 day living is equal to a pack of cigs, harsh!) the weather was slightly warmer today, it was dry and the sun was out... So, might as well get a shred on.


Thanks Biltwell

I like my pints blonde so this totally works in my favor. Muchas Gracias Señor Bill, McGoo, and Mike. Merry Christmas to you all!
This showed up at Grim today and is too good not to share. Dude's droppin' a $2,000 front wheel onto his $1,500 bike... seems logical enough(?).
Man... you get started on one goddamn thing and end up goin' for all of it. Still fuckin' with this Buell -- it better blow some fuckin' doors for all this hassle.


SHOP DAY... finally.

I've been slammed. For a couple months now. And during that time, I haven't even touched my motorcycles... not hyped on that.
But I just got caught up.
I took yesterday off and jammed to Grim Cycle Salvage to get to work on finding out if this Buell I've been sitting on forever was worth the cash I gave a crack-ass for it...

Starting the tear down...
Cam chest was clean.
Cylinders were clean, pistons looked normal. At worst, maybe a little blow-by, so fresh rings are en-route...
Mandatory cam cover chop.


Shaky Photo

I put the old long shutter on with the flash to give the "Im shivering" effect. I really was shivering. It was freesing.

Chilly Willy

Literally, your willy will be chilly. But Jax will be there to keep you warm.


Steven Stone Web-er-View

Peep game on a rad little Mini Web Er View that Deus Ex Machina popped off of our beloved Mr. Steven Stone!

"No re-blogs and no vintage photos that didn't have anything to do with us. We just set out to make something that served as a venue for what we were into. And that's pretty much how Bolts was born."

--Steven Stone--