Pigeon Jump

I want this someday. Cool dude, at a stoplight bro-down sesh!

So we had jumped a few times. Then Andy says to me "Ill lay down now" I said "huh?" "yeah, jump me!" , "alright if you want" He lays down, so I just goose it to make sure there isn't a chance I land on him. I cleared the Napoleon Dynamite landing ramp by a few feet, so... I had to let Andy jump me! Friends always gotta back up friends right? This photo came out sick. Funny side note: Brandon and Brook from MotoMonday, had been joking around about "literally" being Jumped in to whatever it is we got going on. Well, looks like me and Andy are the only members right now, haha!

Bishop draggin' his pegs!

We practiced poppin-a-wheelie and some on the pegs 360 burns. Sickness of a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the jam Dudes!

(thanks to Bishop for the video clips from his phone!)


BA in BC

Bolts Action has been runnin' crazy, deep in the peaks of BC Canada with our film buddy Justin Eeals. Thanks for the Pic Justin.



And lots of it. 4-panel bathroom ceiling sticker-mural at Motor City in the Lower East Side. The photos are only half as blurry as my memory of the nights events... thanks for the good times, E Raab and Gabe.

Last Minute ZA night

Got some homies in town, doing a pre-Moto Monday gathering at Este tomorrow night. No picture, no bullshit, be there.

Monday, Feb 22nd, 7PM



Photos of bathroom murals as soon as I get back home. Just wanted to let everyone know we're fuckin' representing... seriously, this shit is all over every dive bar I've puked in during the past 9 days. And that's a lot.

Winter Rules

I had a little writing rant with this post, but I got over posting it. Get out and ride!


Rebate Video

I was scrolling through my iPhoto and ran across some shots of this ride we did in September of 08. What a fun ass time. Here is a video that Jeremy put together.

Click Here

In case you were wondering, I was the one that got the ticket. Only effing citation on my record now. Stoops.


Bar Ends

... Not the first I am sure of that... But took some Doh-Doh's today gave them a little beveled shave and they work lovely as Bar End Caps.

New Bars

I "sketched" out some bar ideas a few weeks ago and sent them to Andy. This is what came into my email box this morning. Stoked! Can't wait to mount these jams up! Andy lets hit some jumps this weekend for a little R&D!!



Scoping new spots to shred the bike on the way to the skatepark is possibly one of those, most fun things in the world.