A Little Chilly For Bikes.

... not that I'm complaining --- the snow has been amazing. But it's cold and I've been retouching photos for weeks, non-stop. I sure could handle just a little Mexico right about now... my soul needs a cerveza. On a beach.


Good Guys Southwest Nationals

I was able to hit the last Good Guys show of the year in Scottsdale last weekend. The AZ show I think is the biggest of the year. There are literally thousands of cars, and the style range is all over the board so you are guaranteed to see some legit stuff. My Buddy Tanner let me and my lady drive is recently chopped 29 Sedan out there, which turned out to be epic since we could just drive right into the infield and cruise around to look at the cars instead of paying and walking a mile. I was only able to take a few snaps cause I was strapped for time. But this guy took a little over 500 shots if you want to nerd out on sick cars.


Dice Party in the City of Sin

Cool Bar, Sweet Chops, Epic People, Amazing Cover Band. Thanks Matt, Dean, and Justina for having an amazing magazine.

How can you say no to this face. Matt Davis everyone.

The main man behind Loser Machine, Kevin "Mr. Miyagi" Kosha


Last week I had to head down to Phoenix and Vegas to do some work stuff. The timing lined up perfectly for a few other events, so I was able to mix a little pleasure into the trip as well. I left Thursday afternoon and took my lady with me. The plan was to drive straight through to Phoenix, making one pit stop in Vegas for gas and Cane's. We get out of the car at Cane's, I order, then head to the bathroom. When I come out there are four dudes sitting at the table with my chick. Upon closer inspection I see that two of them are my close friends Tanner and Brendan. Once I walk up I notice the other two are my boys from North County, Jordan and Dawley. At this point I am still thinking, "What a coincidence that my friends from Arizona and California are eating at Cane's as well". Turns out Dre had put together a little surprise for my upcoming birthday. All four of them had ridden out to have a homies night in Vegas and then ride back the next day. So...we indulged in Cane's, raced go karts, drank 87-ish beers, won money playing black jack for six hours, then had an epic ride home the next day. Thanks to the above four homies for making the trek and keeping a secret, and a big thanks to my other half for pulling a fast one on me.



Prospect: Hollywood

Pullin' double duties
Me and some good friends/work partners have created a "training" facility over the past 9 years to help support our health and brains to deal with our day jobs. This place has become a place not just anyone can go. IF your invited you have to work before you can floss the products. You can also "prospect" and get patched in (also if invited to do so) and become a full SPOT local. Only one person has successfully done this to date. Well... Bolts very own Hollywood Hobbs is working towards his status. Today was his first "Field" day. I grabbed a couple pics while he built his own little jib after he cut logs, shoveled snow and tooled up brats for the crew. Good working Hollywood i hope to patch you in someday.
(i know it ain;t moto, but its still tight!)


Jesus H. Christ. That dude, Terry Richardson... always tryin' to one up me. On top you've got me, couple years back. On bottom, Terry Richardson, three days ago. Dude's always bitin' my steez...

Pop's Egli Vincent

So my pops is a very capable and very talented bike builder! He never leaves anything untouched and everything is done with a clear vision, plan and with precision. So when he opted for this beast of a bike and have "other" hands do the work in a different country over a 2 year period, it took me a bit by surprise. Well , he still involved himself and had this bike built to the exact details that he dreamed of!! This bike is pimp, peep game and appreciate! Dad when you needa sell this to pay your mortgage, lets talk!